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We are SOME

Updated: Apr 14

The Somerville Organization for Multimedia Experiences (SOME) is an arts publication founded by a small group of volunteers who envision a more connected Somerville. Its members and board all live and/or work in Somerville. They came together over a shared concern about the lack of quality arts coverage in the city and outright alarm about the ongoing displacement of local artists and arts spaces due to decades of unchecked real estate speculation. 

SOME members will report on and publish articles about the arts with a focus on stories that would otherwise go untold. It will also provide a regularly updated calendar of events to help Somervillians find music, shows, and programming by local artists every day of the week—while accepting submissions of visual art, creative writing, poetry, and more from our readers. 

SOME is supported by its IRS 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit fiscal sponsor, the Somerville Media Fund, former home of the now-shuttered Somerville Wire municipal news service. Two of SOME’s founding members and board were on the Wire staff. They and everyone at our new publication share a passion for accessible, high-quality journalism and believe there is still a way for the arts to thrive in Somerville. SOME is the initiative through which they hope to prove that. 

If you are interested in submitting to SOME or becoming a member, visit or email

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