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What is SOME?

A hyperlocal multimedia organization connecting artists and communities through the word.

Phase One: The Somerville Organization for Multimedia Experiences is currently in its digital phase, publishing articles on local arts oddities, curiosities, and possibilities. 

Phase Two: Print Publication


Phase Three: Space Operation

The SOME Team

Ryan DiLello
Editor & Co-Founder

Ryan DiLello is a Somerville-based journalist, musician, and growth manager for Sofar Sounds, a music events company. He's covered a wide range of local beats for the now defunct Somerville Wire, Cambridge Day, and the Boston Globe. With nowhere to turn for decentralized, community-focused communications, Ryan co-founded SOME.

Jason Pramas
Editor & Co-Founder

Jason Pramas is a photojournalist and artist. A SOME founder and editor, he is executive director of SOME's nonprofit fiscal sponser, Somerville Media Fund, and executive director of the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism. Pramas lives in Somerville.

Jason Pramas 2023 - cropped.JPEG
Lily Robinson
Editor & Co-Founder

Lily Robinson is a writer and editor with a passion for local journalism. She is a program coordinator at the Lincoln Institue of Land Policy in Cambridge but got her start writing for the Harvard Press, a hyperlocal paper serving the town of Harvard, Massachusetts. She co-founded SOME to create a collaborative space for Somerville to write, make, and imagine, together. 

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